Residential Program

The Residential Program provides individualized skill training in a caring and home-like environment. Our philosophy is person-centered, and based on respect for each individual’s capabilities and civil rights. We are committed to promoting each person’s competence and quality of life, thereby supporting continued development in the most appropriate environment.

Families are an important part of the Eagle Valley Team, helping the professional staff assess their child’s needs and establish goals for the future. We encourage families to visit often, participate in recreational events and outings, and take their loved ones home for special occasions and weekend visits. For more information contact: Donna Clarke.

Residential services are typically paid for by NV Medicaid and include:

Specialized therapies

Occupational, Physical and Speech therapies available as needed


based on each person’s leisure time preferences

24-hour nursing care

based on the Medical Director’s plan of care

Individualized training programs

based on annual clinical assessments by the Interdisciplinary Team

Medical services

as needed to maintain or improve physical health

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