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Jen's Journey: Participating in the Carson City Chamber of Commerce Leadership Program

Updated: Jan 9

In the heart of Nevada, the Carson City Chamber of Commerce Leadership Program is molding the visionaries of tomorrow, and among them stands Jen Lewis, a beacon of dedication and growth who has been part of Eagle Valley Children's Home for over 27 years. Currently participating in the 2024 Leadership Class, Jen is diving deep into the inner workings of Carson City, gaining invaluable insights into decision-making processes that keep the city thriving. Her journey has taken her from the adrenaline-filled corridors of the Carson City Sheriff’s Department to spearheading a pivotal community project with her classmates.

The Leadership program, a cornerstone initiative of the Chamber since 1989, has proudly witnessed the graduation of 545 leaders, including four other EVCH employees, who have gone on to steer the community towards prosperity. It’s a crucible for leadership, designed to ensure a seamless transition of power and foster a robust network of professionals. For Jen, the experience has been nothing short of transformative, offering a unique blend of hands-on learning and civic engagement that is shaping her into a leader Carson City can count on for years to come. We are proud of the work that Jen has done! Well done!

Written by Kelee J. Melin

Photo by: Carson City Chamber of Commerce

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