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Eagle Valley Children's Home Team Members



Donna Clarke, Executive Director 

Serving EVCH since October 1994

My name is Donna Clarke. I have had the honor and great pleasure of being part of Eagle Valley Children’s Home for nearly 30 years.  I cannot imagine working anywhere else. I started my journey here in the Recreation Department, advanced to the Qualified Intellectual Disability Professional, then added Program Director to my job requirements and for the past 3 ½ years I am the Executive Director. Our clients who are intellectually and developmentally disabled are the reason I am here and why I love my work so much. They fill my heart with happiness and joy each day. The culture at EVCH is the second reason I love it here. All my co-workers genuinely care for each other and provide such high quality of care to our clients. I am so grateful to have had chances to improve my professional and personal life here at EVCH!

- Donna Clarke

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Jeannie Sena, Mother of Client

I placed my son 30 years ago at Eagle Valley Children's Home and from that very first day, the staff made us feel like family.  We were welcomed with open arms.

The entire staff consists of an exceptional group of hard-working, dedicated, loving and caring individuals that shows respect to all, no matter what a client's medical problems are.  

My son, Eric, is a very happy young man that is well taken care of by the loving and caring staff here.  

I am very grateful and appreciative of the work that is done by all; from Nursing to Maintenance to Dietary to Direct Care individuals that take care of all the clients needs on a daily basis.  Everyone that I have come in contact with over the years is there for the clients and I must admit they too have become part of our family.  


Thank you for taking such excellent care of my son Eric! 

- Jeannie Sena, mom

Dietary Supervisor, Ruben Hernandez

Ruben Hernandez, Dietary Supervisor

Serving EVCH since June 2019

My name is Ruben Hernandez, I am the Dietary Supervisor here at EVCH. I started off here as the relief cook and shortly advanced to the morning lead cook. And within my second year became the Dietary Manager. I have been employed with EVCH since July of 2019. I have been cooking and managing in other facilities and restaurants here in the Carson City area for the last 17 years since I have moved here from California. I must admit that EVCH is the first place that has opened my eyes to a whole new world in healthcare. Our clients give me an inspirational boost that I truly enjoy! But most of all EVCH is the first place that has made me feel so welcomed and honored to be a part of the Team here at EVCH!

I enjoy coming to work every day and getting the opportunity to provide delicious meals for our clients. I am in a pleasant environment with my coworkers and our clients.

One of the things that caught my attention at the beginning was the long term staff that work here. I certainly want to be one of them someday. This is my home away from home and I couldn’t be any happier.


Recommendation to other potential employees:

  • Opportunity to learn and grow with a great company.

  • A chance to learn new things in a comfortable setting.

  • Fun environment and friendly staff.

  • EVCH definitely takes great care of us all.

- Ruben Hernandez


Kelee Melin,  Recruitment & Training Coordinator

 Serving EVCH since November 1995


My name is Kelee and I have been working at Eagle Valley Children's Home since November 1995. When I first joined, I wasn't sure if this would be the right place for me. But it didn't take long for me to fall in love with my job. I had the privilege of caring for some of the most amazing individuals and building such wonderful relationships with each of them. I also made some great friends among my co-workers who share my passion and dedication.


During my time here, I have grown in so many ways, both personally and professionally. I have worked hard and established myself as a reliable and trustworthy staff member, but I also have a lot of fun and enjoy being creative. Being part of Eagle Valley Children's Home has given me many opportunities to learn new skills and expand my knowledge. I love that I am a part of an organization that takes care of their employees and values their contributions.


I have grown up here, this is my third job since joining the workforce and I am so lucky that it was something I truly love. I can't imagine working anywhere else. Eagle Valley Children's Home is more than just a place to work, it is a family and a home. I am proud to be a part of it and I look forward to many more years of service and building memories.



Brandy Runge-Rundell,  Respite Coordinator

Serving EVCH since March 2008

Greetings! My name is Brandy Runge-Rundell. I am the Respite Program Coordinator at Eagle Valley Children’s Home. I have been blessed to work at Eagle Valley Children’s Home in various positions for over a decade. I have been the Respite Program Coordinator since September 2016. Eagle Valley Children’s Home has been quite the adventure. The population we serve has been the most humbling, soul changing, and joyful experience.


Well, a little about me… I am an avid hiker and outdoor lover. You name it, anything outdoors, and I will be happy to go, year around. I have a passion for the holistic healing arts as well, and I have a big family and two beautiful grandchildren who are the apple of my eye. I love arts and crafts and any form of exercise too. I am a life time explorer and I love learning. I graduated with my Bachelors in Human Services in 2014, and I love serving the community.

My position as Respite Program Coordinator allows me to supervise some of the biggest hearted community heroes who give families with caregiving duties a much needed break. Being a 24 hour caregiver can shave 10 years off their life, create deep loneliness and depression, and the stress can break families apart. I am a part of a team who ensures that families get scheduled respites, and I provide community training for employees as in HIPAA, Emotional Intelligence, and Social Skills. My job duties are many and I enjoy helping the various families with unique needs get services to help the parents/guardians do the important work they do.

- Brandy Runge-Rundell


Jessica Haglund, Recreation & Volunteer Coordinator

Serving EVCH November 2009

I've been with EVCH for almost 15yrs now. I started working here as a Direct Care Trainer, advancing to our then off-site workplace, and finally finding myself as a Recreation Aide. I have since become the Recreation Coordinator.

EVCH has given me an opportunity to grow so much as an individual and as a leader. The clients are the reason I come to work every day. They show that no matter the limitation, hard work pays off. I can participate in fun activities and outings with the clients, while teaching them new skills and maintaining others.

The management team has been working diligently to create a positive company culture that is healthy and supportive of our staff. I became fully aware of the family I have here when my son was in a horrific dirt biking accident; the staff came together to support me during his lengthy recovery. I am beyond grateful to be a member of EVCH and everything we stand for here.

- Jessica Haglund 

Dietary Aide. Cassandra Medina

Cassandra Medina, Dietary Aide

Serving EVCH since June 2019

My Name is Cassandra Medina, I’ve been with Eagle Valley Children’s Home since June of 2019 as a Dietary Aid/Relief Cook. Since the day I started everyone has always been so welcoming and joyful, it seems that everyone that steps a foot in EVCH loves to be here. I enjoy coming in early in the morning to see our happy resident’s faces as I walk down the hall with their meals. It lets me know I’m doing my job right. 

I recommend everyone and anyone with motivation to make other people happy to come give us a try and experience what I have experienced, I can guarantee you you’ll love what we do here. Our sweet residents will make you want to stay. Besides loving what we do here we also get compensated with great benefits and pay. There is always chances for one to move up and do even better.

- Cassandra Medina


Rose B.,  Therapy and Training Coordinator

Serving EVCH since November 2000

My name is Rose. I am the Therapy and Training Coordinator at Eagle Valley Children’s Home. I have worked here for 20 plus years. I have stayed here for various reasons over the years. Primarily there are two main reasons why I stay. First, I have the opportunity to use my skills in order to improve the lives of our clients while fulfilling the creative organizer in me. The second reason is the clients themselves. They are the most extraordinary people I have ever known, and it continues to be an honor to work with them. 

I would recommend working at Eagle Valley Children’s Home if you would like an opportunity to become the best version of yourself. Many of our senior staff have begun their careers here as Direct Care Trainers and are now in leadership positions. It is possible to be a strong individual and an active member of a strong team. EVCH is a compilation of caring individuals working with each other in order to enrich the lives of a very special population both at home and in the community.

- Rose B.


Evette Schmelzer, Administrative Assistant

Serving EVCH since November 2019 


The very first time I walked through the doors of Eagle Valley Children’s Home I was greeted by kind and professional staff, and I knew instantly I wanted to be a part of this special place with a special mission.  In January of 2019, I was fortunate enough to be hired as a temporary employee to provide support to the human resource and accounting departments.  After nine months, I was asked to be a permanent, part-time employee as the office administrative assistant. There was no question that I would say yes to such a great opportunity to continue working with staff that are truly amazing in the work that they do. Currently, I work full time and provide administrative support to just about every department at EVCH, and I enjoy learning something new with each and every new project.


EVCH is a place where cultivating a respectful workplace is essential to its success. You will find co-workers who really care about one another, care about the clients, and the families that allow us to care for their loved ones. I invite anyone to join our team who is looking for personal growth, heartwarming experiences, and to be a part of an organization that truly cares for the wellbeing of their clients and staff. EVCH not only provides exceptional care and a learning environment for individuals with profound intellectual and developmental disabilities through the Residential and Respite Program, EVCH also provides their staff with a multitude of training opportunities and makes an effort to recognize their staff for a job well done and dedication to EVCH.  EVCH also offers great benefits and rewards.  I can guarantee you will never stop growing with knowledge and in ways you never expected as part of the EVCH team.


- Evette Schmelzer

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