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Thank You for Your Consideration 

Our philosophy is person-centered and based on respect for each individual’s

capabilities and civil rights.

For donations over $500, please call 775.882.1188
All other donations, please use our 'Donate' button on the right.

Thank you for considering Eagle Valley Children's Home and making a difference.

We're Always in Need of Donations

Below is a list of helpful donations our organization could use.

Thank you for your consideration. 

  • Deodorants - men & women

  • Toothbrushes - soft bristle, ultra-sonic toothbrushes

  • Travel Size Toothpastes

  • Lotions - hypoallergenic

  • Razors - disposable & electric

  • Sock - men's (S-XL), women's (S-XL), Boys (6, L, XL)

  • White Tee Shirts - men's (S - XXL), boys (6, L, XL)

  • Flannel Shirts - men's (S-XXL), boys (6, L, XL), women's (S-XL)

  • Silverware/Utensils - teaspoons, forks

  • Party Supplies: (paper plate, cups, napkins, plastic utensils)

  • Paints & Paintbrushes for arts & crafts

  • Various cards - birthday, thank you, congratulations.

  • Back massagers: plug in or handheld battery massagers.

  • Batteries: AA, AAA, D, C

  • Gift Cards: movies, fast food, restaurants

  • Maternity/Body pillows with covers

  • Hairbrushes/Combs 

Make a Change, Today!

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